I worked with Frank, and Jason at Red Hot and was pleased with all they did for us! These guys are experts and can do anything related to your fireplace! We initially had them clean out our fireplace and add a chimney cap. Then we had them create a custom fireplace mantel made out of distressed wood. They came over on time and as planned, helping to pick out the stain and style. His team installed the mantel quickly and most importantly, cleanly and with no damages to our walls. I was super impressed.

During the process they found that there was combustible material around the box that needed to be fixed. Even though I was sad to find out we’d have to redo the stonework, the Red Hot team made it much easier than I expected. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

They give you a quote and then stand by it without any later add-ons. The second install was just as quick and clean. I think the most important thing is that with Red Hot’s help now, we know our fireplace is up to speed and we are ready for some great cozy fires in our living room. I would recommend them to everyone – they have all the latest product and technology, with both regular wood-burning and gas-burning solutions. I’m sure they work inside and out so hopefully one day I can call them for an outdoor patio fire pit. Thanks Red Hot!!!