Our fireplace opening was not standard size so we had to do custom ordering.  The company rep came to our house with his iPad loaded with all different options and looks for fireplace doors.  He made the measurements and explained how it will be installed.  The doors at Home Depot and Lowes require drilling but the ones from Red Hot are tension mount ones.  Drilling is not recommended if you have a real firewood-burning fireplace and you plan on using it quite often.

They took care of the paperwork and everything was done electronically which is great because I hate how you get piles and piles of paperwork and they just get lost in the pile.  It is also more green :) I just think that it’s the right way to run a business because we’re in the 21st century. Let’s get rid of paper when possible!

We ordered the door right before Thanksgiving. The door arrived two days before Christmas and the team came to our house to install it the day before Christmas so we can use our fireplace!  The installation crew was extremely courteous and the installation took only a little over an hour.  They also kept everything very clean so we didn’t have to do a big sweep after they left.

Also, most places in the Orange County area require a deposit before they come out to measure your fireplace, which I thought was ridiculous.  Red Hot did not require a deposit and their service and knowledge was way more superior to the other nearby fireplace stores